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Mechanical Finish
Buff, Brush, Sand, and Bead Blast

Mechanical finishing adds a new dimension to your product by offering several different types of surface textures.

Bowers utilizes specially designed equipment to provide a range of textures from a rough to a high luster, mirror finish.

We also offer single source options for your painted and fabricated aluminum needs.

Each type of mechanical finish adds a new dimension to your product:

    Bowers Advantages
  • Custom processing plans developed for each part with built-in Quality Assurance
  • Specialists in custom, high-end components


Creates a highly attractive, cosmetically appealing finish that can replicate polished chrome when paired with a Bright Dip anodize. Buffing can be a great solution for product where imperfections will be a concern.
Brushing creates a wide range of cosmetically appealing, textured finishes. Brushing and sanding are favorable methods for blending extrusion flow lines and masking several surface imperfections.
Creates a very fine satin finish and does not take off significant amounts of the base metal.

Bead Blast:
Creates a unique, light or aggressive, granular appearance. Bead blasting is a very useful method that can hide several types of surface imperfections.
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