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Environmental, "Green", and RoHS Compliance

Going Green

Green-washing is common, but here at Bowers, we are doing everything possible to improve the environment. From reducing our carbon footprint to simple recycling, we care about the future.

Manufactuing Processes - Anodize
Bowers Manufacturing has always been at the leading edge of environmentally friendly manufacturing. Recycling of process wastes remains a top priority. Bowers has virtually no landfilled process waste: aluminum is recycled as are major commodity chemicals. Bowers etch process features constructive reuse of caustic soda for neutralization and contributes to domestic phosphate removal for our local sewer authority.

The company also recycles sulfuric acid via an acid purification system. We recently made a major investment in phosphoric acid recycling with the purchase of a Reclamation system. Reducing our expense by recycling, and reducing your cost.

The only solid waste produced is recycled to the manufacture of stainless steel.
    Bowers Advantages
  • We recycle 100%* of our aluminum scrap
  • We recycle 100% of our chemicals
  • We recycle 98% of output scrap
  • We recycle our packing cardboard waste
  • We installed new lights to reduce our power consumption reducing our carbon foot print
  • Insulating our building reduced our Natural Gas Consumption
  • Switching to Electric Forktrucks lowers our carbon footprint
  • For local deliveries, we optimize our routes to reduce traffic, reducing our carbon foot print

Manufactuing Processes - Extrusion
Any aluminum we don't produce as good metal is recycled by a local recycler. All saw chips, extrusion scrap, and rack stock, is recycled. Nothing goes to waste. Nothing gets landfilled.

Manufactuing Processes - Fabrication
Bowers has also been at the forefront of sustainable use and recycling of specialty chemicals. Oils are recycled and sent for constructive reuse off-site. Machining coolants are dehydrated onsite via dedicated reprocessing equipment and sent for constructive reuse off-site.

Manufactuing Processes - Packaging
Working with our customers, we have created custom reusable totes and packing. Everything from skids to boxes are reused. Nothing goes to waste.

Every part produced at Bowers fully complies with the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). None of the substances on the RoHS list are used in our facility. We will be happy to provide certification of RoHS compliance.

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